We’ve all joined programs, attempted “quick fix” diets, and bought the latest fad diet books. Sure, these methods work for a while, but if you haven’t changed your habits and behaviors, you’ll soon lose interest, quit the program, and gain back any weight you may have lost.

My program is designed to help you overcome obstacles and make lasting lifestyle changes that enable you to lose weight safely and comfortably and, most importantly, keep it off. What’s more, your customized weight loss plan is designed just for you.

  • Meet ‘one on one’ with Diet Coach Judy during the program initiation phase.
  • Receive a personalized weight loss “action plan” that’s as unique as you are.
  • Get daily assistance and support – by phone and online – providing you with regular “motivational moments” and timely answers to all of your questions.
  • Tracking your pounds and inches lost and celebrating your accomplishments as you change behaviors.
  • Receive personal support and encouragement!

You’ll be far more likely to reach your weight loss goals more quickly and easily than you will from a mass-market program for three reasons:

  1. Your personal weight loss coach gets to know the real you, designing a customized program that addresses your specific likes, dislikes, and tastes.
  2. Your personal weight loss coach – who brings more than 35 years of successful experience in the national weight loss industry – will motivate and support you daily.
  3. Your personal weight loss coach’s proven techniques are bolstered by input from an expert team of advisors – including a psychologist, a licensed nutritionist, and an internist – thus ensuring that the advice you receive from Judy is safe, sound, and geared toward lasting results.