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Seven and half years ago Judy helped me reprogram my eating and over seven months I lost 19 lbs.  The slow and more permanent way.  Last Fall after two fantastic, eating filled vacations,  I gained seven pounds.  As I was preparing for my 50th high school reunion I refocused my efforts, determined to look my best —I went back to Judy’s “basics”  and I lost the weight over 6 weeks. I continue to “hear” her when I go off-course and she helps me regain my commitment. THANKS, Judy!    – Elizabeth  

Are You Prepared to be Healthy?

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By Judy Weitzman As we look forward to those hot sunny days of summer, thoughts of wearing swimsuits and shorts abound.   Every magazine we pick up is chock full of new fashion trends for spring. Have these styles driven you to thoughts of shedding a few pounds? Eating healthy is not easy, or convenient, unless you make it that way.   One of greatest gifts you can give to yourself is doing the “Grocery Store Prep”. Most of us do one big grocery shop each week.  The trick is to come home from the store and allow an hour or so to prep your foods.  I know, I know, you don’t have time.  But the fact is, you do.  By taking the time to prep, you will save valuable time during the week. How many times have you thrown out vegetables or fruits that were hiding in the drawers … Read More

While on the Road to Losing Weight……Stay Positive!

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By Judy Weitzman Have you ever beat yourself up after eating too much or eating something less than healthy?  Unfortunately, it is a very common reaction.  A better way to handle the same situation is to learn from the experience so you can change the behavior next time. First, you have to look for the positives.  In my observation, when people go on a weight loss journey, their tendency is to focus on what they did “wrong”.   Like, “I should not have had that second glass of wine” or “I was too tired to go to the gym”.  The apologies, confessions and remorse are daunting.  By focusing on the negatives, these behaviors will affect your mood and make the weight loss process more challenging.   On the other hand, we have to acknowledge our mistakes so we can correct them going forward. Learn to focus on the positives.  For example: “They … Read More

I am so Confused! Which is the Best Plan for Me?

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By Judy Weitzman Whether you have ten pounds to lose or a hundred, which plan is best for you? When you go online to research this topic, there are so many options and opinions. Where do you start? In my opinion, any weight loss program works if you follow it. And more importantly, you need to make sure the program you pick works with your lifestyle. Also look for one that has some type of maintenance program to ensure the weight stays off once you reach your goal. Unfortunately, there is no “magic pill” for losing weight. The ‘basics’ are the magic pill, which means “eating less and moving more”. There are some basic factors that you should look for when seeking out the best method of weight loss for you. Many studies have been done in regards to what works best when fighting the battle of the bulge. Here … Read More

It is Time to Slow Down

DCJArticles by Judy

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By Judy Weitzman In today’s world everything is fast. Especially with the onset of the Internet it seems like everything needs to be faster, and we seldom take the time to smell the flowers during our insanely busy days. The one thing that we should seriously consider slowing down is how fast we eat. Many folks blame it on their demanding schedules or rushing from here to there. No one is exempt from the craziness of today’s world.   However, these are not good excuses for eating too fast. It is a very common problem that leads to overeating and discomfort after a meal. It is one of the biggest reasons why people are overweight today. Did you know it takes about twenty minutes for your stomach to tell your brain you are full? Most of us are done eating in less than that. There are lots of tips and tricks … Read More