Latex Gloves

Portion Control

Bread Basket

The first thing you are served in a restaurant is the bread basket. This video will give you some strategies on how to manage this tricky situation next time you eat out. Some restaurants are not serving bread baskets unless requested while others charge for them…this is great news for the American waistline!!! FInd more tips in her book “How to Eat When Life Gets in the Way”

Hummus Egg

Are you challenged at 3pm? The 3 o’clock slump is a common time when people feel hungry and reach for a snack. Instead of grabbing coffee or sugar, go for protein. My favorite go-to snack is a hummus egg – I hope you enjoy it. For more easy tips go to Diet Coach Judy’s website at or buy her book, “How to Eat When Life Gets in the Way”

Slim Down During the Holidays

Here at the Kenmore Live Studio Diet Coach Judy Weitzman, author of “How to Eat When Life Gets in the Way,” demonstrates how to prepare chicken fried rice, roasted red pepper hummus eggs, baked apples, mashed cauliflower, and a delicious strawberry banana breakfast smoothie. Watch to learn how to prepare delicious and healthy food that you can enjoy without worrying about gaining weight – even during the holiday season!