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Does Chocolate Addiction Exist?
Chocolate is the most frequently craved food in women, and many women describe themselves as 'chocoholics.' Chocoholics insist that it is habit-forming, that it produces an instant feeling of well-being, and even that abstinence leads to withdrawal symptoms. more full story

10 Slim-Down Strategies You Can Count On
The devil is in the details - and nowhere is this cliché truer than with weight loss programs. It's the small decisions that add up to change, and that's a good thing, says William Dietz, MD, PhD, with the CDC: "If you can count it, you can change it." more full story

Stop Emotional Eating Before It Starts
Eating is more than something we do to nourish our bodies with vital nutrients. It's also an activity we do out of habit, like nail biting, hair twirling, or finger tapping. And sometimes, we habitually turn to food in response to certain emotions. Whether you feel angry, sad, bored - even excited - food can act as a buffer against these emotions, something 82 percent of you know all too well. more full story

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Quinoa with Latin Flavors
Mango Rice Salad with Grilled Shrimp

Use a mandoline or Y-shaped vegetable peeler to make veggie shavings. This salad comes together in a flash.
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I know I am not the only one with that inner voice that can only find fault. DCJ helps so that the inner voice is kind and loving. Sure I have changed on the outside but I have also changed on the inside in a way that no one can see.
DCJ Client

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