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How to Cheat and Lose Big
A too-strict diet can undermine your weight-loss effort. To keep the pounds coming off, sometimes you need to break your own rules. more full story

How Much Fibre Should We Eat in a Day?
Fibre is a very important part of the diet and one that many people do not understand. Fibre is important for the bowels, but can also be beneficial for heart health and has the added bonus of filling you up. This means you are likely to eat less, which may help if you are trying to lose weight. more full story

Breakfast Mistakes That Are Causing You To Get Fat
Breakfast is arguably the most challenging meal of the day. Unless you have created a morning routine that is structured and organized, you might be in a hurry or focused on responsibilities other than eating. Unfortunately, because mornings can be so hectic, breakfast often drops on the list of priorities. more full story

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Great pizza recipe for sensitive stomachs!
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I know I am not the only one with that inner voice that can only find fault. DCJ helps so that the inner voice is kind and loving. Sure I have changed on the outside but I have also changed on the inside in a way that no one can see.
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