My Journey with Diet Coach Judy

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On May 15, 2012, I started my journey with Diet Coach Judy, or as my kids fondly refer to as DCJ. I had just turned 50 in April. There was that inner voice that just kept nagging at me. I remembered seeing my neighbor a couple of months earlier. She, although not “heavy,” had taken some weight off and was looking fabulous. She shared with me that she had hired a diet coach, DCJ and to check out her website. Not knowing what a diet coach was I checked the web but didn’t see how this would help me. Here I was working full-time, volunteering with so many events and organizations, and a wonderful husband and family with a son about to graduate high school and go to college, two daughters going to the North Woods of Wisconsin for the summer. So how could I justify the time and money? Well, two months later here I was 50, frumpy and feeling down on myself. In my mind, that little voice just kept reminding me that regardless of everything else in my life, I was and would continue to be a weight loss failure. I could not stick to a diet for more than 1-2 weeks…the temptations were too great and I always had an excuse not to exercise…the weather, I was tired, I had other things to do.

I couldn’t stick to an eating or exercise regimen, my clothes were getting tighter and I wanted to get off the roller coaster of dieting for once and for all. I looked at all my options, including revisiting DCJ’s website and decided to make the call. Boy was I nervous. What was I getting myself into? Even when we met that inner voice kept saying you won’t do it, you will just be wasting time and money, neither of which should you be spending on yourself. When I met DCJ, there was no judgment on her part, just a warm smile and a beautiful Judy who took the time talk with me. She explained the services she provides and answered all my questions. She had with her a measuring tape, some small containers and I will never forget the slab of plastic that replicated a pound of fat! She explained that there was no magic bullet, no deprivation just plain old hard work…and being accountable for it. What did this all mean? Well I would find out over the coming days and months.

For the first 4 weeks I spoke with DCJ at least 5 days a week (then 3 days week). I received daily emails, recipes, exercise suggestions, articles about weightloss, words of encouragement, and texts of inspiration. For my part, each night I would email DCJ my daily food intake for each meal and exercise, if any. The next morning before I woke up there was an email waiting for me with an evaluation of the previous day’s food. (At some point I started logging my food on an application so that I could see how I was doing as the day went on) DCJ always had suggestion…typical for me was eat more fiber, less sugar and more veggies! If I had plans to go to a restaurant or travel, she helped me plan my eating strategy. She encouraged me to exercise…always asking so what is your plan this week? Slowly, I started changing my ways (and my family’s). I started making weekly menus and prepping for the week over the weekend. My family was and continues to be incredibly supportive. We plan and cook together!

DCJ’s encouragement doesn’t stop with the emails and calls. DCJ sends me cards when I accomplish a milestone…she always has a way of stating congratulations…your out of that decade! She also sends cards (and emails) when I need some motivation.

Let me say this, the weight loss was slow but steady. Not because of anything DCJ did or didn’t do. Let’s face it, I did not gain the weight overnight and I want to keep it off for good. DCJ keeps me on track and focused—when there is a blip in the opposite direction—she figures out why—maybe my cycle, maybe there was too much salt in something…maybe I just needed to shake things up a bit. The process works if you let it. You aren’t “dieting” you are changing your behaviors. Eating cleaner, being healthy and treating yourself with the love and respect you deserve.

One of Judy’s comments has always stuck with me… “Be kind to yourself.” These words have resonated over and over with me. I know I am not the only one with that inner voice that can only find fault. DCJ helps so that the inner voice is kind and loving. Sure I have changed on the outside but I have also changed on the inside in a way that no one can see. So, here I am a year and half later and 35 (+ or -) pounds lighter and continually trying to be kind to myself.

Thank you DCJ!

DCJ Client